Hussein El Feky

Software Engineer

About Me

Hi there! I'm Hussein, a Software Engineer based in Cairo, Egypt. I love being unconventional and going on adventures.
Here's a little about me:

    Random Facts:
  • I own a Siberian Husky. She's called Lisa, and she's so cute. ❤️
  • I started developing and publishing Android apps since I was 15.
  • I code by day and game by night. I am a huge fan of mobile games.
    Daily Habits:
  • Coding for my next evil genius invention.
  • Listening to some inspirational music almost throughout the whole day.
  • Running with Lisa, my forever puppy.
    Favorite Food:
  • Any kind of Chicken, especially crispy Chicken Strips. I can eat endless bowls of it.
  • French Fries with oregano and melting cheese on top.
  • Pizza with toooo much Ketchup on it. My friends like to call it "Ketchup with some Pizza".


I am an Android Developer with 4 years of experience, who likes to turn ideas into beautiful Android apps. I also like to explore new things whenever possible, and so I sometimes indulge in Web Development when I have the opportunity to do so.

I mostly write in Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I always strive to build the best apps and experience a user can possibly have, with simplicity in the user interface. I believe that a killer design along with some unique useful features no other app has are what make a project stand out.

Meanwhile, here is what I love to do:


I live to learn. I believe that there is a learning experience in every failure. I strive to learn from my personal losses & seek out for advice to gain a broader understanding of the world.


I love to design and sketch new products - I want to develop products that perform complex functions with simple commands. I believe clean user interface is the key to a sustainable product.


I am a huge fan of creating different prototypes of new ideas. I believe that there lies a certain beauty of producing new iterations of products that exceeds the former ones.


I volunteer at my University to teach Computer Science to students in their first year of study, and let them get an insight into the basics of Computer Science.


Below are some experiences that I lived, and will continue to live. As of now, my main experience has been developing personal Android apps, but here is more about me.

  • Education
  • German University in Cairo
    • Bachelor's in Media Engineering and Technology with a focus in Computer Engineering
    • Member in 2 clubs: GDG GUC, Vector Game Studio
  • Nefertari American International School
    • Graduated with High Honors with a GPA of 4.00
    • Ranked in Top 1 Percentile worldwide in the Math section of the Old SAT Test, getting 780/800
  • Professional Experience
  • Android Development Intern | Orange
      Currently developing an Android app in Kotlin. More details soon. ;)
  • Junior Teaching Assistant | German University in Cairo
      Volunteered to teach the following courses to students in their 1st year of study:
    • CSEN 102 – Introduction to Computer Science (Python)
    • CSEN 202 – Introduction to Computer Programming (Java)
  • Extracurriculars
  • Vector Game Studio | Game Art & Design Member
      Currently learning the different perspectives of Game Art & Design by applying Octalysis technique in Game Development.
  • GDG New Cairo | Technical Lead
      Helped in organizing GDG DevFest Cairo 2017 and Google I/O Extended 2018 by reviewing the attended speakers, welcoming guests and surveying them.
  • Menschen Bewegen 2016
      Got selected by Goethe Institute in Cairo to participate in Menschen Bewegen 2016, a 3-day event in Berlin, Germany, where introspective students from 30 countries and from 50 selected schools met to exchange cultures with each other.
  • Open-source Active Contributor
      Contributing to open-source projects has been a wonderful and rewarding experience; Not only do I give back to the community but also I gain new knowledge and get to know other developers who are interested in the same field as mine.
  • Stack Overflow Active Contributor
      As I gain knowledge from Stack Overflow, I like to return it by helping other developers as well, and so I sometimes answer questions on Stack Overflow. Currently I have 2 bronze tag badges,  android  and  android-layout , and looking forward to increase those tag badges.
    • Ranked in Top 8% Users Overall, having a reputation of 4,900+.
    • Answered 154 questions, making impact on more than 260k people.
    • Helped new Stack Overflow users to feel more welcome on Stack Overflow by volunteering in Mentorship Research Project, where I guided new Stack Overflow users in asking a good readable understandable question.
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These are my projects that I've developed from idea to deployment. My main interests and previous projects lie in Android Development and Web Development. I'm constantly working on a new project - stay tuned for more!

Typing Master | Android Game on Google Play
510,000+ installs, 4.4 rating

An educational game that helps you type faster while learning new words simultaneously. Random words fall down from the screen and you have to type them as fast as you can.

  • Ranked among Top 100 in Word Games category in more than 25 countries, including #15 in India and Bangladesh.
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Get it on Google Play
Character Pad | Android App on Google Play
470,000+ installs, 4.5 rating

A tool for copying and pasting any Unicode Character in a fast and orderly way. You click on any character to copy, then paste it anywhere you like. You can also long click on it to know more details about that character.

Get it on Google Play
GPA Calculator | Android App on Google Play
55,000+ installs, 4.5 rating

A tool for calculating one's GPA and Cumulative GPA. This app is applicable for all schools and institutions as you can create your own custom GPA scale in case it is not listed in the app.

Get it on Google Play
Items Counter | Android App on Google Play
2,000+ installs, 4.4 rating

A tool for counting and recording anything from inventory, supplies, customers, laps ... to scores or votes. You can create many lists, each with their own items. Each item has its unique name, value and color.

Get it on Google Play
Be Like Bill | Android App on Google Play
3,000+ installs, 4.6 rating

A small project where one can generate Be Like Bill memes, a famous trend at the past, and edit them as he/she likes.

Get it on Google Play
My Portfolio | Website

A simple project that introduced me to the basics of Web Development. It was one of the best ways to learn Front-End Development and Design while producing a tangible project.


In my spare time, I like to share my knowledge and stories with other enthusiasts. As of now, I have only written one article, but I'm planning to write more very soon.

My First 1 Million Installs as an Independent Android Developer
Published July 13, 2019

A Medium article, in which I explained my first one million installs in a 4-years journey as an independent Android Developer, discussing how I started and how I reached there, from idea, development, monetization, to marketing strategy.